Her commentary has often given the public pause, but Stacey Dash has returned to speak about something other than her political opinions. On Thursday (October 14), Dash was a guest on Dr. Oz, and the Clueless icon spoke candidly about a secret she claims she has been holding onto for years. Dash revealed that her life was in turmoil due to her addiction to prescription pills.

“I was taking eighteen to twenty pills a day,” said the 54-year-old actress. Dr. Oz mentioned that those many Vicodins meant for an expensive habit. “Yeah, I lost everything,” Dash replied.

Stacey Dash, Dame Dash
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Dash also shared that she was involved in a physically abusive relationship, but she did not name the person.  

“He would beat me so bad, I couldn’t get out of bed for two weeks. I couldn’t walk —[he broke] my arm, tied me to the bed for three days,” she said. “Some part of me thought that’s what I deserved.” Dash believes that her faith has been instrumental in her recovery.

“Do I have to fight for it? Sometimes, yeah. Are there moments when I wake up and I’m like, ‘This is a bad day. I want to do something bad.’ I know if I get on my knees and I pray that Jesus will help me — he has for five years,” she claimed. “This has not been easy… There have been days where I’ve spent the entire day on my knees and didn’t move, until I felt God fill that hole inside of me.”

Stacey Dash
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Prior to her appearance on Dr. Oz, she shared a Facebook post where she encouraged others to come forward with their stories in an effort to heal. She also acknowledged her past political remarks where she took extreme conservative stances about the Black community and LGBTQIA people.

“I’m not homophobic,” Dash said. “I’m not racist. I was just angry, and it benefited me.”


Read through her Facebook below.