Start your engines! F1 boss arrives in Joburg ‘to seal Kyalami GP deal’


Oh boy, this is very exciting! The man at the very top of F1’s hierarchy has arrived in Joburg on Monday, to advance talks of bringing a South African Grand Prix back onto the race calendar for 2023.

F1 boss ‘in Joburg’ for Kyalami talks

Stefano Domenicali is meeting officials of the Kyalami Circuit in Gauteng, in a bid to strike a deal that will bring the sport back to Africa. Mzansi hasn’t hosted an F1 race since 1993, and if these talks are successful, SA will end its three-decade wait to host another GP.

The rumours about an F1 race coming to South Africa have been rumbling for the past few years. It’s no secret that the bigwigs of Formula 1 are keen to involve Africa on their race calendar, as it’s the only inhabited continent without a fixture.

South Africa ‘now likely’ to feature on F1 race calendar for 2023

That is all likely to change next year, though – and it’s largely thanks to views shared by some of the sport’s best drivers. Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton expressed his desire for SA to host a race in 2023, and it seems his request has been accepted.

Race schedule for 2023 set for TWO new additions, including SA race!

It’s understood that Domenicali travelled straight from the Baku GP in Azerbaijan yesterday, before heading into Sandton for the crunch talks. The possible inclusion of Kyalami would be the second new addition to next year’s race calendar, after a street circuit in Las Vegas got the green light.

The addition of a South African race could mean that, for the first time in its history, F1 will have to contend with a 24-race schedule. But with the sport’s popularity skyrocketing in recent years, Domenicali and his colleagues are under pressure to give the public what they want.


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