Steph Curry and Michael Jordan are two NBA stars who love themselves some golf. Throughout his career, MJ was known as the guy who would always be engaging in friendly wagers with his teammates to see who would win on the golf course. At times, these wagers would get him into some trouble, but we digress. 

As for Curry, he has been playing golf with some of the best in the world over the past year, including the likes of Phil Mickelson. Curry’s love for golf is palpable, and this weekend, he has been spending time at the Ryder Cup, which sees American golfers going up against the Europeans on the PGA tour.  

Steph Curry

Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Jordan has also been at the event, and just yesterday, MJ and Curry were spotted together on what appeared to be some kind of TV set near the course. The two are both sitting in chairs across from one another all while lights and microphones can be seen in the vicinity. Needless to say, it would appear as though the two are gearing up to create some sort of piece of content together.

It remains to be seen what will become of this meeting of the minds, although it is always cool to see NBA stars from different generations have a conversation. There are a lot of potential gems to be had here, and hopefully, we get some of them soon.