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Stephen A. Smith Claims Nets Want Devin Booker In Potential KD Trade


The Nets have a very high asking price for their superstar.

Kevin Durant is demanding a trade out of Brooklyn following a week in which it was believed that Kyrie Irving was going to opt-out of his deal with the Nets. Irving has since opted in to his contract, but it still wasn’t enough to persuade KD to stay. His time in Brooklyn has been disappointing, and it seems as though he has come to terms with the fact that Irving is way too turbulent of a teammate to keep around.

Now, the Nets are looking for trade partners, and if KD had his choice, he would either go to the Miami Heat or the Phoenix Suns. The Suns seem like the most obvious choice for KD, who would get to play with an incredible point guard in Chris Paul. According to Stephen A. Smith, however, that will come at a hefty price.

Stephen A. Smith

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

Despite being on vacation, Smith halted his time off to speak on the potential trade scenarios involving KD. As Smith reports, the only way the Nets will trade KD to the Suns is if they can get Devin Booker in return. Unfortunately for the Nets, the Suns have all of the leverage here as KD is the one who requested the trade. The Suns are also coming off of a season in which they finished first in the NBA standings.

Of course, the Nets want the most for KD, which is understandable. He is a future top 10 player in the history of the NBA, and the Nets don’t want to feel like they got a bad deal.

This is a developing story, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest news and updates from around the NBA world.


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