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Stephen A. Smith Declares An End To The Reign Of The Chiefs


Stephen A. Smith is fed up with the Chiefs defense.

Last night was a horrendous one for the Kansas City Chiefs as they lost to the Buffalo Bills by a score of 38-20. The Chiefs’ defense is simply horrendous right now and they can’t stop any of the teams they play against. It has proven to be a sore spot for the Chiefs, and if they want any chance at going to the playoffs, they will need to tighten up on the field.

At a record of 2-3, many pundits are already hitting the panic button on the Chiefs’ season. There is a belief that they are toast, even with Patrick Mahomes under center. One analyst who shares this belief is none other than Stephen A. Smith who ranted against the Chiefs this morning on First Take.

Stephen A. Smith

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for REVOLT

“The Kansas City Chiefs are done, let me say it right now,” Smith said. “They’re going to the postseason sure because of that dude Patrick Mahomes. Their defense is trash. They can’t stop a cold. They’re awful. They’re the worst defense in the league. First in points allowed. Second in yards allowed. Second against the run, don’t get me started on what they are against the pass.”

As Smith also noted, Mahomes is being forced to play hero ball, and it is putting the Chiefs in a precarious position. This is something that is going to need to improve moving forward, otherwise, the Chiefs are done this season.

While Smith’s take might be a harsh one, you can’t help but feel like the Chiefs are punching below their weight this season.


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