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Stephen A. Smith Explains What Concerns Him About Anthony Davis


Stephen A. Smith had some interesting comments about Anthony Davis’ conditioning.

Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the league when he’s healthy. Unfortunately, he has had his fair share of injuries over the last few years, and it has put a damper on his ability to play at the highest level possible. His injury status ultimately hurt the Lakers in the playoffs last year, and fans are hoping for him to bounce back in 2021 and 2022.

Recently, Russell Westbrook stated that his job this season would be to help Davis stay motivated all the way throughout the season. These comments were a bit surprising, as one would think AD doesn’t need any sort of extra motivation. Stephen A. Smith saw these comments and opened up about it on First Take as he expressed some concerns regarding the Lakers big man.

Anthony Davis

Harry How/Getty Images

“You won the title, what were you doing in the offseason?” Smith asked. “At moments like this, as critical of LeBron James we can be from time to time, we need to take a step back and pay homage. This is why he’s on the Mount Rushmore. To the LeBron’s to the Kobes to the MJs or whatever. They’re the marquee. They’re the headline. And there is an innate and internal responsibility that they feel to answer the call. So it’s not just about my ability. It’s about making sure I’m in shape.”

Smith went on to say that he doesn’t understand why Davis won’t embody this mentality, especially when you consider how he plays with a guy like LeBron. Smith firmly believes this is a concerning trend that the Lakers need to keep tabs on.

Perhaps Smith is simply blowing these words out of proportion, especially since AD had made it clear that he is healthy heading into the season. Regardless, all eyes are on the Lakers right now and AD will need to be in the best shape possible if the team wants to make it far.


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