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Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On The Cowboys After Thanksgiving Loss


Stephen A. Smith continues to diss the Cowboys.

Yesterday evening, the Dallas Cowboys fell to the Las Vegas Raiders, despite being favorites to win the game. The Cowboys are now on a two-game losing streak and since getting Dak Prescott back, they have lost three of their last four games. It is a pretty bad indication of things to come for the Cowboys, who were 6-1, and are now 7-4 heading into the last six weeks of the season.

No one took greater joy over the Cowboys’ demise than Stephen A. Smith, who has always been an avid hater of “America’s Team.” Today on First Take, Smith got to talk about the Cowboys with Tim Tebow, and as you can imagine, he was rejoicing in the team’s inability to get things done when it matters most.

Stephen A. Smith

Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As you can see in the clip below, Smith referenced how the Cowboys’ defense was nowhere to be found yesterday, all while their secondary continued to take bad penalties. Needless to say, Smith had a lot to touch on while speaking on just how bad the Cowboys were in their overtime defeat.

“I’m saying to myself, as I’ve always said to all of y’all, just be patient, just wait, it’s coming, and once again, it arrived on this Thanksgiving and Christmas is next,” Smith said when talking about the Cowboys’ ability to disappoint their fans. His words were fairly harsh although, for many, they certainly rang true.

While the Cowboys are most likely a lock for the postseason, it’s clear that at their current pace, they won’t get very far.


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