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Stephen A. Smith Has An Ominous Warning For Kyrie Irving


Stephen A. Smith is taking issue with Kyrie.

Kyrie Irving went on a lengthy Twitter rant this morning against the media. As you will see down below, Kyrie believes the media works in ways to make people look bad and that places like ESPN are essentially making billions of dollars off of his name. Irving has always disliked the media, and his latest rant was yet another example of how he despises their practices.

“When I see my name or my brothers/sisters names getting spun through the media, I refer to all my research about who they are. Their job is to CONTROL PUBLIC PERCEPTION, all while profiting off discussing, discrediting, and disrespecting people’s lives for entertainment,” Irving wrote. “I send shots at the puppet masters, not the puppets. All puppets do is run around society, trying to gain popularity and state opinions. What a life! My name is worth billions to these media corporations. My brothers and sisters who deal with this know exactly what I mean.”

Stephen A. Smith of First Take saw this Twitter rant and decided to say something about it. As you will see down below, Smith didn’t have time to actually respond to it today, however, he fully intends on doing so tomorrow. 

Throughout the clip, Smith was like a supervillain as he essentially hit Kyrie with a very ominous warning. Simply put, tomorrow’s rant from Stephen A. could be an all-timer.


Let us know what you think of Kyrie’s rant, in the comments section down below.


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