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Stephen A. Smith Left Disgusted After Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock


Stephen A. Smith went on a lengthy rant after The Oscars.

Will Smith shocked the world last night as he slapped Chris Rock directly in the face during The Oscars. Some thought that the exchange was actually staged, however, it very much wasn’t. Smith was outraged after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith’s alopecia, and it ultimately led to the slap that has now been heard around the world.

This is one of those moments that will forever go down in history, and as you can imagine, there are various hot takes on the ordeal. After all, any sort of display like this one is going to bring out the thinkpiece brigade.


Stephen A. Smith was watching The Oscars last night, and following the exchange between Smith and Rock, he was perturbed. The First Take host even went to Twitter where he unleashed a lengthy rant condemning Will for what he did.

“I just saw the RAW footage. @willsmith should be ashamed of his damn self. It was a G.I. Jane joke. Total B.S. If it were @TheRock or someone like that instead of @chrisrock would he have done that shit!” Smith wrote. “Total BS by @willsmith. If his night is ruined because of this he deserves it. The man has Denzel & Bradley Cooper trying to calm him down. For what? A joke about his wife in G.I. Joe? Come on! The shit was embarrassing! A very very bad look! Love Will. But not after this B.S.”

Smith then went on to record a video about his thoughts on the whole thing. Clearly, he was disappointed in the actor, and that won’t be changing anytime soon, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the slap.


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