Since joining the Cleveland Browns, it’s been kind of obvious that Odell Beckham Jr. just doesn’t fit within the system. Quarterback Baker Mayfield is always looking for other receivers, and it has forced OBJs production to taper off. There have been rumors that the wide receiver wants out of Cleveland as a result, and you can imagine just how many teams out there want him on the roster given just how fast and talented he truly is.

Over the past few months, one team has consistently been a part of these OBJ trade rumors. That team just so happens to be the Green Bay Packers who boast Aaron Rodgers at quarterback. Rodgers could use a weapon like OBJ, as he would make that passing game nearly impossible to stop.

Nick Cammett

Nick Cammett/Getty Images

One man who is interested in seeing this happen is none other than Stephen A. Smith. During today’s episode of First Take, Smith theorized that if the Green Bay Packers were to get their hands on Beckham Jr, then they would immediately go to the Super Bowl. Smith is a big fan of both OBJ and Rodgers, so it should come as no surprise that Smith would think a union between the two would lead to some pretty impeccable results.

At this point, any thought of OBJ going to the Packers is pure conjecture, although we’re sure there are Packers fans who are excited about this potential prospect. After all, Beckham Jr is an elite player and he would certainly increase his stats with Rodgers as his quarterback.