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Stephen A. Smith Perplexed By Chris Russo’s Top 5 Point Guards List


Chris Russo and Stephen A. Smith are incredible television.

Ever since Chris “Mad Dog” Russo joined First Take every Wednesday, the show has become infinitely better. Russo’s energy is even higher than that of Skip Bayless, and in the eyes of many, this is the best co-host Stephen A. Smith has ever had. The chemistry is simply off the charts, and there is no doubt that the show is a lot more entertaining now that these two are sitting across from one another.

Whenever Russo decides to do his version of Smith’s A-List, we always end up with some comedy, and that is exactly what happened on the show today as Russo revealed his top 5 point guards of all time. Of course, this segment stemmed from a debate last week in which Russo said Chris Paul was not a Top 5 point guard and that Bob Cousy was better.

Stephen A. Smith

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

In the video clip below, Russo reveals that his top 5 includes Steph Curry, Jason Kidd, Isiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson, and Magic Johnson. From there, he named a few honorable mentions, including the likes of Bob Cousy and John Stockton. 

As you can imagine, Smith was absolutely flabbergasted by these choices which eventually led to a hilarious back and forth in which Smith was simply disgusted with the CP3 disrespect. Russo stood strong throughout the whole exchange, and for the most part, it was the best part of today’s show.


Let us know what you think of Russo’s list, in the comments down below.


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