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Stephen A. Smith Tells Knicks Fans To Calm Down


Stephen A. Smith is exercising caution when it comes to the Knicks.

Stephen A. Smith is a huge New York Knicks fan and he is also a staunch critic of the team. Whenever the Knicks are doing well, Smith has a certain pep in his step. When they are doing poorly, however, he is inconsolable. Even when the team is good, Smith likes to exercise some caution as the Knicks have proven time and time again that they can disappoint their fans with relative ease.

After the Knicks’ season-opening win against the Boston Celtics, fans took to the streets in jubilation, and it led to a pretty hilarious video on social media that speaks to just how passionate New Yorkers really are. Smith saw this video, and now, he is offering a warning to those who think the Knicks are somehow at the top of the league.

Stephen A. Smith

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

“Okay peeps. Okay peeps. Let’s crawl before we walk,” he wrote on Twitter. “Because even I am not this bad!!! Let’s calm down please and watch our language. Advisory: do NOT emulate this.” Smith knows that Knicks fans tend to celebrate before they should, and he is simply tempering the expectations before they inevitably start losing again.

Regardless, the Knicks are finally a playoff team again, which is reason enough to be excited in New York.


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