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Stephen A. Smith Unveils His Top 5 NBA Players Of All-Time List


Stephen A. Smith’s top five list is as solid as it gets.

One of the biggest debates in all of basketball is “who is the greatest of all time?” At this point, there are really only two possible answers that can be given to this question. The first is, of course, Michael Jordan, and the second is LeBron James. Most people will tell you it’s MJ, while some of the younger fans will try to make the argument for LeBron. Regardless of who you choose, you simply cannot go wrong as they are both legends who helped change the game.

This week, Stephen A. Smith decided to give his thoughts on the GOAT debate, although he even went a step further. Today, he revealed his top five NBA players of all-time list, and as you will see below, it’s rock solid.

Stephen A. Smith

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for D’USSE

First on the list was Michael Jordan, and in second place, he had LeBron James. From there, Smith went with the old school players as he placed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in third, Bill Russell in fourth, and Magic Johnson in fifth. This is a pretty great list and it is really hard to argue with any of the people he chose. These players accomplished great things at the highest level of basketball, and they are all superb champions.

Of course, there will be some stuff to debate here, so let us know what you think of Smith’s choices, in the comments section below.


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