Last night’s altercation between LeBron James and Isaiah Stewart has drummed up quite a bit of debate in regards to what the punishment should be for both players. LeBron was ejected from the game for a flagrant 2 foul in which he swung his elbow and hit Stewart so hard that the player started to bleed. 

This then led to a wild sequence of events in which Stewart tried to chase down LeBron, who was being guarded by his teammates. Stewart was ejected as well for this outburst, and it was a pretty bad scene that saw various security guards on the court. According to reports, LeBron tried to reach out to Stewart following the game, although it remains to be seen how that went.

Today on First Take, Stephen A. Smith got to debate the topic, which led to a discussion about whether or not LeBron should be suspended for his actions. As Smith explains, LeBron is a big player who knows how much space he takes up on the court, and that he knew exactly what he was doing by throwing that elbow. Not to mention, Smith doesn’t want to see LeBron get special treatment.

“LeBron’s 6’9, 250-260 lbs. It ain’t like he’s some punk…He knew he was wrong,” Smith said. Smith’s co-host Ryan Clark also agreed that LeBron is at fault here, especially given his status as one of the best players in the entire league. 

The league has yet to make a decision on the matter, so stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates on this situation.