Kyrie Irving is currently refusing to take the vaccine against COVID-19, and it has put the Brooklyn Nets in a very tough situation. Due to various health and safety protocols in Brooklyn, Kyrie would have to miss every single home game, and he would even miss a few away games as well. So far, it is being reported that Kyrie would miss upwards of 45 games, which is over half the season, thus rendering Irving useless to the team.

For now, there is no hope in sight when it comes to Kyrie, and fans are pretty well convinced that he won’t be available for much of the season. This will be particularly bad come playoff time, and for now, he could be putting the team’s championship aspirations at risk. 

Steve Nash & Kyrie Irving

Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Recently, Nets head coach Steve Nash spoke to the media where he was asked about Kyrie’s absence. Nash seemed pretty annoyed by the whole situation and even offered an indifferent approach when answering the question. As reporter Zach Braziller explained, Nash said “I’m not thinking about that,” which just goes to show what the mood is in Brooklyn right now.

If you’re Kevin Durant or James Harden, this must be a hard saga to watch, as it is putting a potential ring at risk. The Nets are championship favorites with Kyrie on the roster, but without him, they could very well be at risk of falling back in the Eastern Conference.

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