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“Stranger Things” Season 4 Gets Spooky In New Trailer


The latest teaser trailer for “Stranger Things” season four points to an ominous and creepy new direction.

Netflix series Stranger Things is set to be returning with its fourth season in 2022, and a brand new teaser trailer has officially granted a glimpse at what’s to come. While the plot details are admittedly left ambiguous, it certainly goes a long way in establishing an ominous tone — in fact, it’s possible that this may be the creepiest Stranger Things season yet.

Furthering that theory is the casting of Robert Englund (who played Freddy Kreuger in a slew of Nightmare On Elm Street movies) as Victor Creel, a family man who seemingly went off the deep end in the 1950s; as Stranger Things is set in the eighties, it seems as if Creel’s story will be a focal point of the upcoming season, a notion evidenced by the latest teaser trailer.

The brief clip shares a few glimpses at the Creel family tragedy circa 1950, before taking us back to the present timeline where the massive ensemble of Stranger Things heroes seems determined to explore the decrepit house for themselves. In the scene, Steve Harrington, Mike, Dustin, Max, Eleven, and Lucas appear to be looking for clues, only to stumble upon hints of — naturally, of course — the Upside Down. 

Though we’re still a little way out from the release of the fourth season, this teaser should go a long way in sparking further hype — provided it wasn’t already established. Check it out for yourself below, and sound off if you’re looking forward to another chapter of the Stranger Things saga.

WATCH: Stranger Things Season 4 teaser trailer


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