Suge Knight Could Pay $81 Million In Wrongful Death Lawsuit –


Death Row Records founder Marion “Suge” Knight could pay $81 million in the wrongful death lawsuit after a lawyer for the victim’s family suggested. It’s argued that the figure would properly compensate his clients for their grief and hardship, Rolling Stone reports.

During closing arguments in the case on Tuesday (June 14), Lance Behringer, the lawyer for the family of Terry Carter argued that the 57-year-old former mogul should pay Carter’s widow and two daughters $27 million each. This would be the equivalent of $1 million per person per every year left on Carter’s life expectancy at the time of his death.

Initially filed in 2015, the suit did not include a concrete dollar amount for the compensation sought by the family. Behringer’s request on behalf of the victim’s family is the first mention of any recompense.

“Dying on the concrete floor alone at Tam’s Burgers was not a natural death. He was taken from these three women,” Behringer told the Los Angeles County jury. “Nobody’s comfortable talking about money. But that’s what we have to do.”

However, Rob Kenner, Knight’s attorney, cast his client as a man who was under duress due to the threat of physical violence and fear for his life—factors that caused him to plow through Carter and another man with his Ford Raptor truck.

“Imagine somebody punching you, chasing you again, punching you again, pointing a gun at you, threatening to kill you,” Kenner said while asking jurors to place themselves in Knight’s position at the time. “You have to decide, what would you have done then.”

Kenner made sure to note that Knight was not “challenging the worth of Mr. Carter’s life,” but rather who is responsible for his death. “With all due apologies to Ms. Carter and the Carter family, I ask that you render a verdict of not liable,” Kenner concluded.

Knight, who recently gave a remote testimony from prison, is serving a 28-year sentence for voluntary manslaughter after pleading no contest to his role in Carter’s death in 2018. Carter was killed after Knight fatally struck him with his truck during a confrontation near the Straight Outta Compton film set in 2015.


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