Sunflower seed eggplant stew: A delicious vegan dish


Thinking of enjoying more vegan meals? We have just the recipe for you! This sunflower seed eggplant stew is a mouth-watering vegan dish perfect to serve to anyone following a vegan diet. If you are not following a vegan diet but have friends who do, this stew is a suitable dish to serve to them.

The best thing is that you can serve it alongside other dishes you prepare to cater for other diets, especially since it takes not even up to 30 minutes to prepare this stew. You will still have plenty of time to prepare other dishes when having guests over.

Serving suggestions for your sunflower seed eggplant stew

Crusty bread goes excellently with any stew. It soaks up all the tasty flavours of the stew. So each bite through the crunchy texture of the bread is infused with the rich flavour of the stew.

You can also serve this delicious stew on a bed of fluffy couscous or white rice to give more substance to the meal.

Looking for more mouth-watering vegan recipes to prepare for your family and friends? Just have a look at our recipe page, we have so many delicious options for you to try out.

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