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Swedish Rap Star Einar Murdered In Suspected Act Of Gang Violence: Report


The 19-year-old was one of the country’s most famous rappers and was set to testify against a gang next week. Last year, the same gang kidnapped him.

The Hip Hop scene in Sweden is reportedly mourning the loss of one of its favorite stars. New has been shared today (October 22) that Einar, a hugely popular rapper in Sweden, was shot and killed in Stockholm. The 19-year-old’s death has sparked a political backlash as citizens have once again complained about the apparent increase in gun violence within the country. 

According to The Guardian, Einar was murdered just outside of an apartment complex late last night. Authorities have reportedly stated that they are actively searching for at least two suspects believed to be involved in the crime.

CHRISTINE OLSSON / Contributor / Getty Images

Einar was reportedly set to testify in court next week as he was scheduled to take the stand against the Vårby gang. Investigators believe the shooting is gang-related and revealed that Einar suffered several gunshot wounds. This wasn’t the first attack on Einar; last year he was reportedly kidnapped, blackmailed, and beaten by the same gang who reportedly used other artists to bait Einar to certain locations.

In July this year a court sentenced Khalil to two and a half years in prison for aiding and abetting a kidnapping. Yasin, 23, full name Yasin Mahamoud, was given a 10-month term for conspiracy to kidnap. Both deny the charges and are appealing.

The sentences came as part of a broader case involving the Vårby gang, 27 of whose members were convicted of serious crimes including murder, attempted murder, robbery, extortion, abduction and drug and firearm offences.

Apparently, that has been a rise in gang violence in Sweden and people are calling for politicians to step in. We send our sincerest condolences to Einar’s loved ones. Listen to a snippet of Einar’s music below.



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