The results of R. Kelly’s New York trial continue to be a hot topic of conversation. His supporters mirrored a The Boondocks episode when they gathered outside of the courthouse to play his music and protest against the sex crimes trial, and the singer’s detractors are hoping that the judge throws the book at him. Singer Syleena Johnson, who has worked with Kelly, notably on “Hypnotic” with Fabolous, offered an alternative sentencing that she believes is more in line with what Kelly needs.

“I don’t think he needs to be in jail, I think he needs to be in an insane asylum,” said Johnson. 

R. Kelly
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“Don’t get it twisted, I think he needs to be in a straight jacket,” she continued. “I think some of the behavior that has been going down has been erratic and I think that a lot of Black men in jail have been misjudged. Like, a lot of them. I had a friend that went to jail, long time ago, he said his roommate was so damn crazy. He said that went on a lot in jail.”

“Because what they do, is they throw Black men in jail. They just throw everybody in jail. If you’re crazy…everybody go to jail. But this dude needs real help. He needs to be in an insane asylum. Real talk. Meds, drugs to the point where like, constant therapy.”

There are many people who agree with her while others have argued that Kelly is not “crazy.” Watch Syleena explain herself below.