The verdict in Kyle Rittenhouse’s case elicited plenty of reactions. People on the right celebrated the fact that he was handed down a not guilty verdict while many others pointed out the double standard in the case. Rittenhouse is off free after killing two people and wounding one other in what the jury determined was self-defense.

There have been different reactions, specifically from the hip-hop community. Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict ramped up calls for Tay-K’s freedom. The Arlington, TX rapper was sentenced to 55 years in prison for his role in a 2016 murder, though fans have continuously shown their support for him on social media. Once news broke that Rittenhouse beat his case, Tay-K began trending on Twitter as fans argued that the rapper should’ve also been found not guilty. 

In a post shared to Tay-K’s Instagram Story, he shared a post from SayCheeseTV that read, “Fans think Tay K should be free since Kyle Rittenhouse isn’t guilty.” The tweet read, “If Kyle can be free then so can Tay K.” The rapper didn’t actually chime in on the topic of Rittenhouse’s verdict but in a subsequent post, he tagged Kim Kardashian in what appears to be an attempt to get her help in his case.

No word on if Kim Kardashian caught the post but we’ll definitely keep you posted if she does.