Top Dawg Entertainment and Quality Control, two titans of the music industry, are investing in the social media platform, Riff. The service merges voice and video chat with music and includes room-based interactions, similar to other platforms such as Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces.

Quality Control executive Kevin “Coach K” Lee will serve on the board of directors following the organization’s investment.

“Riff created an entirely new category — culture media,” Lee said, regarding the company. “It combines the best of everything we do on social media. It was a no-brainer investment for QC.”

Artists are able to monetize their content by producing VIP rooms and other exclusive features. they will also be able to sell merch and albums through the app.

“Tech innovation and music go hand in hand and Riff is leading the new wave for apps,” TDE CEO Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith said in a statement. “I’ve always been about reaching for the next level challenge, so I’m excited for TDE to invest in this breakthrough.”

EMPIRE CEO and Founder Ghazi Shami also praised the app: “The Riff tech is world class Riff’s ability to integrate the best facets of social media is next level. EMPIRE is all in to leverage Riff on behalf of our global artist roster.”