Telfar Announces New Duffle Bag And 24-Hour Channel, Telfar.TV –

Telfar Clemens, creator of the fashion label TELFAR, has announced the next level for his brand that includes more than sold-out bags and collaborative collections. On Sunday (Sept. 12), TELFAR has announced a new duffle bag and 24-hour network TELFAR.TV. According to a press release, TELFAR.TV is downloadable on Apple TV, Roku, and other streaming services and at launch, hosts two channels.

The first channel, TELFAR.TV, will allow public access. Videos can be submitted through the website and select users will receive a surprise Telfar bag in the mail. TELFAR.TV will also feature the will feature the DRIP, a new way to purchase the coveted Telfar bag. The press release notes “A drip is not a drop – a drip is never announced. A drip is bot-free. We flash a QR code at a random time — you scan it with your phone and secure your bag.”

It continues to explain “The drip is for the real ones. The deep cuts we play for those still rocking w us at 6:00 in the morning,” and details a process involving viewers scanning a televised QR code to purchase a bag.

Telfar Clemens Press Conference

On Sunday, September 12th, TELFAR hosted a press conference for the announcement of TELFAR.TV.
David Gannon/Courtesy of Telfar

The second channel, FTV, is initiated by and in partnership with the film collective Ummah Chroma and Random Acts Of Flyness director Terence Nance. Both TELFAR.TV and FTV were launched on Sunday (Sept. 12) without content because the brand dislikes the term and “thought it would be exciting to have everyone watch this thing unfold live, alive, in process as [a] process — and to take part in determining how it unfolds.”

“We are building an ecology between our business and the freedom of this channel,” read the press statement. “Our goal is to figure out a way to produce shows, movies, and so on, on the same scale as other networks without requiring the artists we work with to renounce the ownership of their ideas.”

The press event also revealed a new bag shape to the Telfar family. Currently, the classic shopping bag in three different sizes and a variety of colors have turned the Telfar brand into a household name. A new duffle bag in the color black was displayed by Clemens as he announced the company news. The duffle features the Telfar logo on the front side. It will only be available for purchase on TELFAR.TV.

“You never know when the QR code will go up — you just got a watch,” the brand teased.

View product shots of the large Telfar duffle bag in black below:

black telfar duffle bag

Courtesy of Telfar

black telfar duffle bag

Courtesy of Telfar


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