Thabo Mbeki shortlisted to head internal renewal commission


The ANC national working committee (NWC) has shortlisted its candidates to lead its renewal commission, with reports surfacing that former president Thabo Mbeki’s name has made the cut.

Interestingly, reports indicate that the ex-president had initially been left out of the proposals put forward by top ANC officials. The matter of appointing a leader for the committee was high on the agenda at deliberations taking place early this week. 

Thabo Mbeki
Mbeki has made the shortlist of ANC candidates for the party’s internal renewal committee. Image: Thabo Mbeki Foundation/ Twitter

Proposals for ANC renewal committee leader initially excluded Mbeki

The ANC has been debating a renewal commission in the face of flagging public confidence and is expected to kick off engagements on the subject with internal structures.

Now, it appears as if the ANC is ready to move forward with the renewal commission with the subject forming part of discussions on Monday.

The report claimed that top officials had surprised ANC members by excluding Thabo Mbeki from the proposed leaders for the commission. 

The ex-president has met with party structures on the matter with Mbeki recently heading to the Free State to campaign on this exact subject. Some have voiced the opinion that Mbeki is attempting to leverage renewal within the ANC as part of an attempt to reenter the political arena.

However, others view it as Mbeki’s chance to be viewed as an individual who attempted to rescue the ANC instead of fueling factional fighting.

Disbandment also debated

The disbandment of provinces including Mpumalanga, the Eastern Cape and the North West was also debated. With many of the ANC’s structures having expired mandates the pressure is on to hold elective conferences, especially with the party’s national elective conference drawing closer. 

Plans to disband both the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga structures were discussed in great detail. The fate of interim committees in the Western Cape and North West provinces was also contemplated. Some members of the ruling party feel that the women’s league should be consulted in a bid to assess the need for its potential disbandment.


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