The easiest pasta you’ll ever make


Do you love seeing your favourite dishes on movies and TV? One of the most popular family meals to see on them is macaroni and cheese but it is also known as the favourite family meal in the USA. It’s quick and easy to make for a big family and it tastes truly amazing when done correctly. Our classic mac & cheese recipe has all the fundamentals with a dash of bacon and tomatoes for flavour.

Tips for making your classic mac & cheese

When making pasta, al dente means that the pasta is cooked without being too soft and falling apart. Always keep at least a cup of pasta water because you’ll be using it to thicken your sauce thanks to the starch in the water. The best results with bacon is to already have it cooked crispy and chopped before adding putting it all into the oven. Top with black pepper, parmasan cheese and serve warm.

The family meal you’ve always dreamed of since you’ve seen it in movies. Classic mac & cheese is the easiest pasta you’ll ever make.

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