The Example of Wordle: Are Mobile Games an Expansion Opportunity for Media Companies?


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If you look at the game Wordle, you will see that it has grown phenomenally since its inception. It has people from all around the world playing it and you will also find that it is available in multiple languages. Of course, the game has also helped to push the mobile gaming industry to brand-new heights too. Things have changed so much and it would seem that media companies are now trying to capitalise on this trend. Mobile games could be very much seen as being an expansion opportunity and if things keep on going as they are, then it would not be surprising to see things grow even more as time goes on.

Casino Games

If you look at casino games, you will soon see that they are very much an expansion opportunity for media companies. They are taking the world by storm, and they are also having a huge part in media as well. If you look at the movie industry, then you will see that a lot of movies are being made about it, ranging from James Bond to Casino. This has also prompted some casino companies to work in reverse, choosing movies to base their games around. As such, it’s now possible to see games out there that revolve around the James Bond movies for example. Fishing games are also very popular; for example, you can play Bigger Bass Bonanza slot at Casumo Ireland – there are hundreds of fishing games online, you just have to do a search and you’ll see..

The Expansion of Media

Of course, media has really helped to spur things along. It would also seem that the general development of media has helped a lot. If you break things down, then you will soon see that streaming has had a huge impact. At one point, if you wanted to play a casino game you would have no choice but to visit a casino near you. In this day and age however, you just have to do a quick search online and when you do you may find that you can easily access everything you need to. You can also see this change in the media industry.

For example, at one point you would have had to go to the cinema to see the latest movie but now you can access whatever you need online. Some movies, although have only just come out at the cinema, can be accessed if you pay a premium fee at home. Things like this can really help people to access the entertainment they want, and it also gives the best experience possible.

So of course, the entertainment industry has changed quite a lot and games such as Wordle are helping to bring a brand-new audience to the sector as well. Mobile apps are becoming more evolved by the day and it would seem that a new audience is being attracted as well. This is very good to say the least and it just goes to show how far things have come over the last few years.


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