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The Game Takes Aim At 50 Cent Again While Detailing Hypothetical Film “Abandonment”


Game was asked what type of movie he would be in with 50 Cent: A father (Fif) abandons his child, so Game’s character would play dad to the kid.

There’s no love lost between former G-Unit comrades The Game and 50 Cent, and the California rapper isn’t letting up. Following the Super Bowl halftime performance dedicated to all things Los Angeles—with help from Detroit’s Eminem and New York City’s Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent—Game had a few words about not being asked to add his voice to the show. There was a recent back and forth spat that unfolded on social media as Game even targeted Fif’s girlfriend, revealing old DMs, and the animosity was once again brought up during the hitmaker’s visit to the I Am Athlete podcast.

During the chat, The Game was asked if he would do an album or a movie with 50 Cent, and he was told he had to choose one. Considering he recently said that Fif couldn’t rap, Game countered by asking what kind of hypothetical film this would be.

50 Cent, The Game
Peter Kramer / Staff / Getty Images

“Yo… I’d do… What kinda movie?” Game asked. “If we on the opposite sides in the movie, I think the movie is he abandoned his son and I come in, you know what I’m sayin’, to the baby moms and show her how, you know, a real dad is.” This seems to reference 50 Cent’s real-life, contentious relationship he has with his first-born son, Marquise.

“At first he don’t, you know, he warmin’ up. He don’t just call me dad. The type of parenting and the type of fatherhood that I, you know, adhere to children, that I put on children, it’s like, only a certain amount of time before he gon’ be calling me, you know, dad. It’s like, me and him, I don’t really f*ck with him because he abandoned his kid, his own child, his flesh and blood. And then, I come along and pick up the pieces.”

This extremely detailed plotline continued as Game said that his character would take issue with 50 Cent’s role because he didn’t want “to take care of his own child.” He named the film “Abandonment.” 

When asked to say something nice about 50 Cent, Game quipped: “Sometimes you need loose change.”

Check out his full appearance on I Am Athlete below. 


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