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The Kid LAROI Takes Scary Fall During Pick-Up Basketball Match


The Kid LAROI still completed a show that night.

While basketball may not be a contact sport, it can still be dangerous for those who play it. There are various scenarios in which a person could injure themselves, especially if they aren’t paying attention or are playing with people who get a bit too rough when the game itself isn’t that serious.

Unfortunately for The Kid LAROI, he got a pretty good understanding of that recently, according to TMZ. The artist was in Melbourne where he was slated to perform that night, on Sunday. As the story goes, LAROI and his friends were in the Culture Kings store which was ultimately shut down for a bit so that the artist could play some hoops with his friends.


Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Stores aren’t exactly the best place to hoop as they aren’t spacious environments. In the end, this proved to be costly for LAROI who fell over his friend and slammed his tailbone. As you can see in the video down below, LAROI required the help of his entourage although he eventually got up and walked it off.

Amazingly, LAROI was able to perform at his show that night, and it seemed to go off without any further issues. Either way, LAROI learned a valuable lesson about playing basketball in tight public spaces.



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