What’s going on with The Weeknd and Angelina Jolie. The unexpected pairing have stepped out together on more than one occasion, and they have been at the center of dating rumors. Once again, this weekend, the two A-list stars were spotted at dinner together, sparking more conversation about the nature of their friendship, causing quite the ruckus on social media.

The Weeknd, who once sang about Angelina Jolie’s lips on “Party Monster,” might have finally gotten his dream girl. They were photographed again arriving at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, leaving the Italian restaurant in the same black SUV. They were previously seen enjoying a meal at the same spot a few months ago in June. A month later, Weeknd and Jolie were also seen at the same Mustafa the Poet concert.

Nobody is too sure about the nature of their relationship thus far. It could be that they’re dating, but they may also be working on a project for television or film, as The Weeknd has shown an interest in getting more involved in acting, directing, and more on the visual side.

Check out how people have been reacting to the first photos of them together below, and let us know if you think they’re together.