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These Leaked Utah Jazz Jerseys Would Be The Worst In The NBA


The Jazz are reportedly thinking of going through a rebrand.

Every couple of decades, it isn’t uncommon for a team to decide to go through a rebrand and completely change up its color schemes. Of course, there are some franchises that are so iconic that they could never change their colors, however, some teams simply do not care about history. One of those teams is the Utah Jazz.

Throughout their history, they have undergone various transformations in terms of their jerseys and their color schemes. From the mountain jerseys of the 90s to the orange, black, and yellow uniforms they have now, the Jazz have changed a lot. According to new leaks, however, the Jazz are about to take a very minimalistic approach next season with three new uniforms that have very little color to them.

As you can see, there is a white jersey, a yellow uniform, and then a black offering as well. These are almost too simplistic to be NBA jerseys, and it is clear that the Jazz are regressing in terms of their brand. As it turns out, fans actually agree with this assessment, as many NBA viewers took to Twitter to laugh at the Jazz for these concepts.

For now, there is no official word yet on whether or not the Jazz will actually be using these jerseys next year, although regardless, the hate has already begun.

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