Tierra Whack Lends Her Voice To “Pokemon 25” Album With “Art Show”

Tierra Whack has proven to be one of the most unique artists in the entire hip-hop space, and she is never shy to innovate with her sound. It has been a while since her memorizing 15-minute album from 2018, although since that time, she has come through with various singles. Now, she is back with another song, this time as part of the compilation album for Pokemon 25. The track is called “Art Show” and as you will hear, the song has a very interesting sound to it.

There is this nursery rhyme element to it as every line rhymes, all while the production is super light and something that you would hear from a children’s song. This should not be surprising, given the fact that at its core, Pokemon is a show and game for young children. Needless to say, this is a song you need to listen to understand the description we just gave, so check it out below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I wanna get inspired (Hey)
I’m trying to go higher (Higher)
I paint a perfect picture (Pic)
I am the biggest bidder (Ba-boom)
I love the different colors (Woo)
They’re mixing with each other (Yeah)
It’s such a combination (Hey)
I call it integration (Aww!)


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