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Tim Tebow Defends Urban Meyer After Abysmal 0-4 Start


Tim Tebow still believes in his former head coach.

Urban Meyer was brought in to save the Jacksonville Jaguars although so far, he has not been able to accomplish that. The Jaguars are still awful right now and after a 0-4 start, fans are starting to wonder if Meyer is cut out for the NFL. There have been reports that the team doesn’t really like him, and the drama is starting to mount especially with the vast expectations.

Tim Tebow knows Meyer first hand and he even got to work with his former Gators coach while trying out for the Jags in the offseason. During an episode of First Take, Tebow gave his take on the Meyer situation, noting that we shouldn’t count out the head coach so soon. Of course, Tebow seems to be a bit biased here, but alas, you have to admire the defense.

Tim Tebow

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“He has a crazy determination. So while it might be hard, I think he’s going to be really determined. I think he expected to win all of those games. I think he expected [the Jaguars] to be 3-1 or 4-0,” Tebow said. “He is taking that hard. But I also think that this dude is super resolute and super determined. I think he’ll continue to tweak and mold and change and get new guys in there and adapt and do whatever it takes because he’s so determined. I don’t think he’d quit without finding a way to turn the tide a little bit.”

It’s a bad time to be Meyer as just last night, he got caught in 4K dancing with a younger woman while his wife tried to tweet through it. At this point, Meyer isn’t garnering any favors, and his time in Jacksonville could very well come to an abrupt end if things don’t get better soon.

Let us know what you think of Meyer’s coaching, in the comments below.


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