Tina Lawson Gets Backlash After Thanking Chris Rock For Encouraging Vaccine

Tina Lawson Gets Backlash After Thanking Chris Rock For Encouraging Vaccine

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She says she lost too many people to COVID and adds that “nobody is trying to bully you” into being vaccinated.

Anti-vaccine advocates were not happy to see Tina Lawson’s recent post about Chris Rock, but she isn’t budging from her stance. The ongoing vaccine debate recently reach new heights thanks to Nicki Minaj sharing stories about her cousin’s friend’s impotence and swollen testicles, and while the Trinidad and Tobago government vexingly responded to the assertion as misinformation, the rapper found support from those who refuse to get vaccinated.

Recently, Chris Rock came forward to reveal that he has contracted a virus and issued a warning to the public. The award-winning actor said that no one wants COVID and advised people to get vaccinated.

Tina Lawson
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Beyoncé’s mother reposted a screenshot of the news and gave her input in the caption.

“Please protect yourself from serious illness and death ! It might not stop you from getting it but it will help you fight for your life,” wrote Lawson. “I have lost too many people I love to this disease!! They didn’t have to die ! [red heart emojis] Nobody is trying to bully you( I’m only saying this and I know I will be facing all of the negative comments and misinformation ) , but it’s okay I’ll take the backlash , because I care about you[red heart emojis]”

“Thanks @chrisrock for caring enough to share, you didn’t have to but you did[praying hands emojis] for you[red heart emoji].” Lawson has faced opposition in her comments from people who have stated that they aren’t getting the vaccine, have condemned her for promoting vaccinations, and Minaj’s fans who continue to flunt the “#WeStandWithNicki” hashtag.

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