Tiwa Savage Reveals Someone Is Extorting Her With Threats Of Leaking Sex Tape

Tiwa Savage Reveals Someone Is Extorting Her With Threats Of Leaking Sex Tape

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The Afrobeats star shared that there is someone attempting to use her for a cash grab and if she doesn’t pay up, they threatened to leak a private video.

There are always people out there looking for their come-up on the back of celebrities, and Tiwa Savage is the latest to be targeted. The rising Afrobeats star has been making waves with her collaborations alongside Beyoncé,  Nas, and Brandy, and as her international popularity grows, so does the attention from people looking to make a dollar off of a potential scandal.

During her interview with Angie Martinez, Tiwa revealed that someone sent a video to a member of her team that shows the singer with her current partner. She said it wasn’t necessarily a sex tape, but it was compromising.

The person who has the video demanded money, and although Tiwa’s manager seemed willing to pay up, the singer refused.

“I’m not going to allow anyone to blackmail me for doing something that is natural,” she said before becoming embarrassed at the thought of even having the conversation. “That’s what’s making me angry. No, you’re not going to do that to me. If you’re gonna do that…I’m that crazy that I could put it out myself. You’re not making any money from this.”

“This is an intimate moment with someone I’m dating,” she added, stating that her partner is not famous. “My mom having to see this. My son…”

Tiwa explained that it is a brief clip that was accidentally posted on Snapchat and quickly deleted, but someone was able to screen record it before it was taken down. The person gave her a deadline that has since passed, so it is unclear if it will be released in the future. Watch Tiwa Savage’s full interview below.


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