It was just a little over a year ago when The Conversation went viral. The Zeus Network series features people at odds coming together to mend fences, but it doesn’t seem to be working out too well. Last year, Masika Kalysha and Hazel-E went at it during their appearance and a few cruel insults turned into a full-blown fistfight. The tradition continues as Tommie Lee and Akbar V joined together to talk out their grievances, but instead, things turned chaotic.

A clip of the interaction has circulated online and people are reacting to the violent altercation.

Akbar V
Prince Williams / Contributor / Getty Images

“You don’t have a page, you don’t have endorsements, you have nothing going on!” Tommie is seen screaming in the video. “You have nothing going on!” Then, the scene cuts to the two women rushing at each other, but of course, several security guards stood in their way before holding each of them back.

Akbar promised that Tommie would have to “see” her, so unless they decided to lay this beef to rest, it doesn’t seem to be ending soon. Tommie soon found herself on the receiving end of trolls who once again accused her of being an alcoholic, and she wrote on her Instagram Story that the narrative is “played out.”

Check out the clip below.

Tommie Lee