Throughout this debacle that has emerged from the 94th Academy Awards, Chris Rock has remained silent. The celebrated comedy icon was slapped in the face by Will Smith in a shocking confrontation at the Oscars and the video of the incident has been played and replayed worldwide. Rock has amassed support from his peers including Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey, and while Smith has offered a public apology for his actions, not everyone has forgiven the now-Oscar winner.

Debates have ensued regarding whether or not Smith’s Oscar should be stripped from him, and as social media users go back and forth on the topic, Rock’s brother, applauded comedian and actor Tony Rock, surfaced on Twitter to answer a few questions from fans.

Tony Rock
John M. Heller / Stringer / Getty Images

Unsurprisingly, users quickly began firing off questions about the “slap heard ’round the world,” and Tony made it clear that he’s still heated about seeing his brother be disrespected. He said he doesn’t accept Smith’s apology, revealed that all of his siblings are “fine,” and when asked what he would do about the incident, he answered, “Respond.”

A Twitter user asked how Chris was doing and Tony said, “Still rich.” Tony also stated that “it’s on” when someone else wanted to know if they would keep things professional or fight fire with fire. He also claimed that Diddy was lying about Chris and Smith making up. Check it out below.