Tory Lanez was trending all day on Wednesday after he cleared everything from his social media pages and tweeted, “It’s been real.” The cryptic post sparked a lot of speculation among hip-hop fans. Some suggested that because of his alleged role in Megan Thee Stallion’s shooting last year, he was finally being punished. Others theorized that because of all the money Tory has made off of NFTs this year, he was simply taking a break from the madness on social media and going ghost until 2022. It turns out that neither of those were the truth.

The Toronto native has officially responded to all of the speculation that he would imminently be sent to jail, posting a loop of a man dancing and eating take-out and saying, “Me at my house …. watching n***as on Twitter celebrating and thinking I’m going to jail [laughing emojis].”

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

A few minutes later, Tory announced the name of his upcoming album. “ALONE AT PROM ……. (80s ALBUM) …… LOADING,” he wrote on the platform.

Finally, after a fan asked to see a photo of both of his ankles to confirm that he’s not on house arrest, Tory obliged, proving that he’s not confined this his home. 

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

With a new album on the way, and no end to his legal drama in sight, it looks like Tory plans to do exactly as he has been doing for the last year, flying under the radar and pocketing millions of dollars from his loyal fans. 

Check out his tweets below.