Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Young fired back at Hawks’ beat reporter Chris Kirschner on Twitter recently, after the reporter made an ill-advised comment to someone responding to him on social media. Kirschner got into a replies battle with the Twitter user who claimed he wouldn’t purchase Kirschner’s Hawks article for The Athletic, or pay the subscription necessary in order to read it.

The Hawks’ beat reporter told the person during the exchange, “Cool. Say you’re broke and continue about your day.” Atlanta’s star Trae Young took exception to the reporter’s comments.

Young responded tweeting, “Smh, who says this?!? I ain’t buying that article.. what that make me?! #NextQuestion,” with emojis to illustrate his lack of amusement. points out that this was not the first uncomfortable exchange between Hawks reporter, Kirschner and their star point guard, Young. The two had previously got into a back and forth, after Kirschner questioned Trae Young’s early shot clock 3-point attempts in the fourth quarter of close games.

Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

In Kirschner’s tweet of the exchange, Young not only explained himself, but also told Kirschner that he wishes the reporter had more accurate statistical information when questioning his game.

Whether or not Young recognized Kirschner’s name when responding to his comments on Twitter, is not known at this point.