Following the Atlanta Hawks playoff elimination, Saturday night, at the hands of the Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6, Trae Young spoke about just how demanding the NBA Playoffs are. He also reflected on his frustrations about not being healthy in the team’s final game.

“For me, not being able to be out there for my team for two games, and then tonight just wanting to battle and try to fight through it as much as I could and try to be out there for my team, it’s definitely frustrating not being healthy and not being able to give my full 100 percent,” Young said after the loss.

Trae Young, Hawks, Playoffs
Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Despite playing brilliantly throughout the Hawks playoff run, he finished with just 14 points on 4-for-17 shooting in 40 minutes for the Hawks’ final attempt to keep their Finals ambitions alive.

“This shit is hard,” Young said of the playoffs. “It’s not easy. This whole thing is about experience. You have to go through it to — I mean, you really have to go through this. You see in the West, you see [Chris Paul] has never been to the Finals in his 16 years.”

“This is hard,” he reaffirmed again. “It’s not easy. You really have to go through it. I think what he did and what he’s been through really helped the Suns team, and what this team has been through with the Bucks, they’ve been to this point a couple times. I know that feeling, they didn’t want to go home again. I think for us we’ve got that same feeling now, and it’s the same thing.”

Young did seem confident that the Hawks will be back sooner than later with an optimistic tweet after the game.