Lil Wayne’s had different eras throughout his career but no one, at the time, really suspected the Rebirth era. More people have grown fond of Wayne’s attempt at rock music over the years that have since passed, although his genre shift also came with a stylistic one. The jeans became tighter, a fedora was frequently on his head, and overall, he began embracing the skater style that he’s now known for.

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Sure, Kid Cudi and Kanye West could arguably be credited for skinny jeans but they aren’t the only two who had some sort of influence on Wayne’s fashion sense. Travie McCoy revealed to us an anecdote about Gym Class Heroes opening up for Lil Wayne on the “I Am Music” tour where he found Weezy’s stylist rummaging through his luggage backstage.

“About two weeks into that tour, I get off stage and I go into my dressing room, and Wayne’s stylist is going through my wardrobe case,” he recounted. “I’m like, ‘1) why are you in here? 2) who the fuck are you? 3) why are you going through my shit? And she’s like, ‘I’m Wayne’s stylist. He likes what you been wearing on this tour.'”

It was that moment that apparently planted the seed for Weezy to lean away from the 4XL hoodies for a tighter look, McCoy said.

“After that tour, Wayne stopped wearing the fucking 4XL Bape hoodies, the size 40 jeans. He started wearing skinny,” he continued. “After that tour, Wayne changed his whole shit up. I don’t wanna say I’m the one responsible but I am [laughs]. Like deadass. After that tour, like visually, he was a whole different rapper. A whole different person.”

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Travie said he never confronted Wayne about his stylist but he did speak to her directly.

“I never brought it up to Wayne or anything but I definitely got on her ass, for sure. I was like, ‘You can’t just come into my fuckin’ dressin’ room and go through my shit.’ After that tour, I think everybody noticed like Wait, this is Lil Wayne? Like what the fuck?”

He added that he doesn’t take credit for Wayne starting to skateboard. When asked about whether he thinks GCH influenced Wayne to go rock, he responded, “I’m not gonna say a damn thing.”

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