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Travis Scott Addresses Satanic Ritual Conspiracy Theory & Violence At His Shows

In the immediate aftermath of the Astroworld Festival tragedy in Houston, Texas, during which a deadly crowd surge resulted in ten people losing their lives, some hip-hop fans started spreading conspiracy theories and misinformation suggesting that Travis Scott was somehow responsible for the tragedy, insinuating that it was a “satanic ritual” and pointing to specific imagery that showed on the big screen during his performance, including a message saying “See you on the other side,” to back up their theories.

Speaking with Charlemagne Tha God during his first interview since the tragedy, Travis Scott said he was experiencing a “rollercoaster of emotions” following what happened. During his talk with the Breakfast Club host, Travis addressed the wild theories that this was a planned satanic ritual, denying as much and saying that he also doesn’t believe that his music incites violence.

When asked if he thinks his music is to blame for the deaths of ten people at his concert, Travis said, “I mean, no. One, I’m a man of God, so that’s first things first. That’s that. Your music is just, like, self-expression. At these shows, I feel like people kind of, like, look at things and, if you’ve been to Travis shows, there’s been different layers of shows. I think people are just, you know, misconceptions and taking things they’re seeing and all types of things. I’ve taken pride in trying to grow from where I was when I first recorded music to now, where I’m going in music, so yeah, I just think people gotta experience it sometimes. Even before, people were hearing about it then coming to experience it and taking away their own thing. It’s always gonna be an outside opinion but for the ones that really believe in me and understand what I’m about and what I’m doing, they know that’s not what I’m preaching. I always preach love, understanding, always preach ‘take care of your loved ones.’ Love each other. Get out your ideas, never let yourself be stopped. Love one another and step into that.”

Charlamagne went on to challenge Travis on his answer, saying that his music definitely does encourage people to be violent at his shows. “I mean, that’s what the rage is about,” he explained.

“I mean, most of the music is, to me, sometimes talking about what I see at the shows,” said Travis. “That’s just, you know, the energy. But the energy isn’t to come and start being ultraviolent and hurting each other.”

Check out Travis’ full conversation with Charlamagne Tha God below.

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