Travis Scott Tackles Ambitious Themes On “Utopia”

Travis Scott Tackles Ambitious Themes On “Utopia”

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Based on a new interview with CR Men, Travis Scott’s upcoming album “Utopia” appears to be tackling some complex themes.

The concept of a Utopia, which goes hand in hand with the far-less-favorable Dystopia, has long been analyzed in academic circles for decades. From the bible to modern-day literature, Utopias have long inspired artists in a variety of different ways, and Travis Scott appears to be drawing from the concept heavily on his upcoming album.

During a recent feature for CR Men, Scott opened up about his own Utopia, which has yet to solidify a concrete release date. Unsurprisingly, the project appears to center around the idea of a “utopian state,” which will find Scott speaking on his own interpretation of the complex idea. “Medicine, nursing, being a better person, talking, language, communication—you know, a utopian state,” he explains. “That’s what my album is about.” 

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“You think utopia is a society where everything is good: health, buildings, architecture—nah,” he continues. “It’s just about proper lines of communication,” he said. “Because that’s the dystopian shit we’re in right now. It’s all hate, hate, hate, and all of that is drawn from what? Miscommunication, non-communication, non-understandable communication, ignorance to communication. ‘I don’t like this person.’ Why? Because somebody told me something to not like this person? Because in history I read to not like this person? Why?” 

From the sound of it, Travis appears to be tackling some complex themes throughout his upcoming body of work, and it should be interesting to see how he intends on bringing some of these ideas to life. His emphasis on communication is particularly interesting, as Scott is widely considered to be one of hip-hop’s most effective when it comes to marketing and messaging.

For more from Travis Scott — including a bit of insight into his approach to co-parenting with Kylie Jenner — check out more details about his upcoming CR Men cover story below. Are you excited to see Travis pushing himself to new thematic heights on Utopia? 

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