Trevor Noah slammed for comforting Will Smith [watch]


Trevor Noah has been criticised for his “hypocritical” behaviour after he was seen comforting Will Smith after his Oscars controversy.

This, after he publicly ridiculed Kanye West for his “harassment” of estranged wife Kim Kardashian.

Now tweeps are calling out the South African star for picking sides and “choosing violence”.


In a video obtained by TMZ, Trevor Noah is seen embracing Will Smith at the Vanity Fair after party, which took place after the Oscars.

During the awards ceremony, Will infamously slapped host Chris Rock after he made a joke about his wife Jada’s bald head.

At the commercial break, several stars including Tyler Perry, Denzel Washington, Diddy and Bradley Cooper comforted Will after his attack that made world headlines.

Now, TMZ has posted footage from the after party in which the SA comedian is seen deep in conversation with the star, who bagged the “Best Actor” award. In the clip, Will and Trevor embrace for several minutes, whilst sharing a private conversation.

Later, the friends posed for pictures together.

Just a week earlier, Trevor Noah presented an earlier “Best Actor” award to Will at the National Board of Review. In his presentation, Trevor thanked Will for “ helping people feel” over the course of his career.

The Daily Show host even praised the King Richard star in an Instagram post.

He captioned a clip of him with Will: “I used to pretend I was @martinlawrence rolling with @willsmith, then today I got to once again, pretend I was @martinlawrence rolling with @willsmith! #BadBoysForLife #PretendingFullCircle Congrats on your best actor award! Well deserved my friend”.


But Trevor Noah’s appreciation of Will Smith did not go down well with tweeps, who reminded him of his recent words about another A-lister: Kanye West.

And tweeps have even compared Will – who was honoured by the Oscars with a “Best Actor” award – to Kanye – who was banned from the Grammys after he took aim at Trevor with a racial slur.

This, after an episode of The Daily Show in which Trevor Noah compared Kanye’s harassment of ex Kim Kardashian to domestic abuse.

“Same dude that was shading Ye last week for mean art”

“‘But Jada has alopecia, it was poor taste’. Kanye has bipolar but he was fair game for Trevor Noah and friends”

“Isn’t Kanye uninvited to the Grammys, just because they’re afraid he might do something violent? But Will Smith actually got out of his seat and smacked someone and people applaud him”

“Trevor Noah – I hope you feel like a fraud today. You go after Kanye for his violent and abusive behavior, then a week later suck up to Will Smith after he slaps Chris Rock on TV. Maybe Chris Rock crossed a line, but you promote violence!”

“Trevor Noah is yet to comment on his friend’s violent behavior. Being woke and an ‘ambassador of all good things’ requires consistency, speak out even it’s those you love”

“I’m done watching you. Will Smith was wrong. Party with him all you like, enjoy your wealth, but the rest of us will continue to follow the law and are paying attention to boundaries. I’m finished with hypocrisy, apparently you’re not.”

“So Trevor Noah is okay with this. I don’t get the double standard with Kanye. People really need to get their heads checked out”



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