Troy Ave Moves More “Militant” After Attempts Were Made On His Life

Troy Ave Moves More “Militant” After Attempts Were Made On His Life

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He spoke about switching things up following his own close calls and the tragic murder of Young Dolph.

Rappers were already careful with how they moved and traveled, but Young Dolph’s murder has them taking an ever closer look at their surroundings. As artists express their condolences, Troy Ave recently visited The Breakfast Club and spoke about how the attempts made on his life caused him to shift how he operated in public. 

“When people tried to take my life or whatever, I don’t know man, that sh*t is the street sh*t,” he said. DJ Envy added that Troy Ave still goes out and about, but he questioned if circumstances such as his and Dolph’s have caused him to move differently. “I move more dangerously and I move more militant,” answered Troy.

Troy Ave
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“You not seeing me with a bunch of—I’m not gon’ be with ten, eight n*ggas,” he added. “I’mma have my security. He’s gon’ be licensed with a firearm, you know what I’m saying? I move more dangerous than anything and on top of that, I carry myself differently. I carry myself like, I try not to let me ego get involved anymore.”

Troy Ave said he feels as if he’s maturing because he refrains from reacting or moving irresponsibly. He also advised people to see the value in themselves, especially those in the “urban community” because often, unnecessary risks are taken. “If it’s water filled with sharks, you might could get in that water and not get bit, but it’s a likely chance that you might get bit. So why would you jump in that water?”

Some may get in, said Troy, if there was a “big bag of money” in the water, however, his take was if he’s in a yacht in the middle of the ocean, why would he risk it all for a bag of money surrounded by sharks. 

Check out his full answer below.

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