The internet has been buzzing today and it is all thanks to Nikita Dragun. The trans icon released a video to accompany her new track, and in the clip, Dragun shared screenshots and photos of people that many people believe she was outing, including Tyga. He came forward to say that his company was hired to work on one of her videos, and while that has been creating a stir, Asian Doll did not appreciate Dragun using her picture in the clip.

The rapper and Dragun got into a spat online and both sides seemed to infuriate the other’s supporters. People began to call out Dragun for emulating Black culture while demeaning Black women, and those same critics accused Dragun of copying the styles and trends of Black women. Dragun clapped back to say Black trans and gay people created the mainstream trends, not Black cisgender women, leading to a war of words.

Nikita Dragun
Presley Ann / Stringer / Getty Images

Days after calling out Boosie Badazz, Ts Madison returned to lend her voice to the conversation, and she was not happy with Dragun. “I think that this is definitely an unneeded situation. I don’t know what Nikita was trying to do to sell her record. I don’t know. I personally don’t know Nikita,” said Madison. She added that she understood the belief that trans women should take their place in the forefront, but said this isn’t the way it should happen.

“We’re in a climate where everybody’s against everybody in our community, in our Black community,” said Madison. “This is no shade to Nikita, but sis, you not Black. In our Black community, we already have a huge divide amongst Black cis women and Black trans women, and girl, this was just added fuel to trying to make it seem like we are in some huge competition with each other, especially talking about who look better than who.”

Ts Madison mentioned Asian Doll misgendering Nikita and calling her “him,” but Madison seemingly understood the rapper’s anger. “Sh*t, when I’m fighting, I’ma go for the throat. It just what it is,” she said before blasting Nikita for mentioning Tyga. Madison suggested that women like Nikita pull stunts like this only to leave Black cis and trans women to pick up the pieces. 

Watch her video below.