The online debates regarding Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix comedy special continue. The Closer was another massive success for Netflix as they concluded their contract with Chappelle for this round of stand-up specials, but the beloved comedian’s jokes did not land well for everyone. Some have argued that Chappelle was drawing attention to the racism and lack of intersectionality and inclusiveness that the LGBTQIA+ community claims to adhere to; while others interpreted Chappelle’s jokes about trans women and calling himself a TERF as problematic, accusing him of being transphobic.

In light of today’s (October 11) news that Netflix announced its support of Chappelle, his jokes, and The Closer—to the extent of suspending certain talents that spoke out against it—trans actress, comedian, and activist Ts Madison has shared her thoughts on the matter.

On Instagram, Madison shared her own tweet that stated she does not intend on watching The Closer, but she did leave a lengthy caption explaining her position on the discussion surrounding the Netflix special.

“That’s it…….#davechappelle I’m not windmilling bout this sh*t no mo‼️,” wrote Madison. “For the REST of y’all 1. you can’t Tell Trans People what they should and Shouldn’t be offered by We don’t do it to black people… 2. If you are a gay man and watched it and weren’t offended by it… Ok… You still can’t tell others what don’t offend them.”

Lastly, she had a warning for anyone who may be thinking of acting violently toward trans people because of the jokes they heard from Chappelle. “ION GIVE A FUC….I stay strapped Just in case anybody wants to be ‘inspired’ by anything they’ve seen Be blessed.”