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Twitter Hilariously Reacts To A Fan Asking Adele About Her Body Count On IG Live


The singer went live to give fans a preview of her upcoming single, “Easy On Me.”

With the release of her first single in years quickly approaching, Adele’s name has been trending all over the internet lately. Earlier this weekend, the singer went live on Instagram to give followers a brief listen to “Easy On Me,” which is set to release on Friday, October 15th.

While she was doing the lord’s work, hundreds of thousands of fans tuned in to listen. Alicia Keys made her presence known by suggesting that she and Adele collaborate in the comments, but that wasn’t even the best part of the stream.

For some reason, one viewer felt prompted to ask Adele what her “body count” is, or, more specifically, how many people she’s slept with.

“What’s my body count? What does that mean?” the “Chasing Pavements” singer said during the IG Live session, while making an incredibly meme-worthy face.

It’s entirely possible that the commenter could’ve been trolling Adele, not thinking that she would see the question amongst the hundreds of others flowing in, but she did, and now Twitter can’t stop talking about it.

While some seemingly forgot that the singer hails from across the pond, others suggested that we stop talking about the incident entirely before the 33-year-old decides to disappear from the internet again, as she’s been known to do between projects.

“Wow.. There really are pure and untainted individuals left in society. Bless her,” another Twitter user joked.

Do you have plans to stream Adele’s new single this Friday? Comment below and let us know.


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