In a complete 180 from this summer, Kanye West and Drake are back on good terms, and to officially signal the end of their lengthy on-again, off-again beef, the two artists hit the stage together for the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert in Los Angeles on Thursday night. The show was held at the Los Angeles Coliseum and streamed live on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch, and although it started an hour and a half later than fans expected, the show did prove to be one of the most exciting Hip-Hop shows this year.

Throughout the show — which many viewers have likened to an unofficial Verzuz battle of sorts — both Ye and Drizzy ran through a myriad of hits, with the former artist performing a far more classic array of songs. In addition to performing recently released tracks like “Come to Life” and “Hurricane,”The Donda artist injected the audience with joyous nostalgia while doing songs like “Jesus Walks,” All of the Lights,” “All Falls Down,” “Runaway,” “Flashing Lights,” and “Touch The Sky,” whereas Drake went on to perform “Life is Good,” “Way 2 Sexy,” “Knife Talk,” and “Gods Plan.”

There were also plenty of unexpected moments throughout the show, such as when Drake and Kanye surprisingly covered each other’s songs, with Drake performing “24” and Ye performing “Find Your Love.” Plus, the two artists teamed up to deliver an epic closing performance of “Forever.” Since the concert was live-streamed, fans from all over were able to participate in the show, which led to them bringing their real-time reactions to Twitter.

From fans arguing that Kanye West was the best part of the concert to others simply celebrating the fact that such a legendary show was even taking place, there were plenty of entertaining reactions to the “Free Larry Hoover” benefit concert, so check out the best ones below.