After COVID-19 shook up 2020’s version of Halloween, there is a growing sense of normalcy (despite rising cases in many parts of the country) heading into the holiday this year, but police in Pennsylvania are warning children and parents of the dangers of Halloween candy. 

Not because of the extremely high levels of sugar and extremely low nutrition levels, but because of what could possibly be mixed into those sweet treats.

According to a tweet from Jaclyn Lee, a news anchor in Philadelphia, the Bensalem police department is warning that they have confiscated many candies and snacks that look exactly like the candies and snacks we are all used to, but are actually laced with THC. 

Attaching photos of what appear to be Cheetos, Sweetarts, Nerds and Sour Patch Kids, among other sweets, Lee’s tweet insinuates that people are planning on distributing these snacks, all actually THC edibles, to children on Halloween. 

Ignoring the high cost and high tax rate on THC edibles sold in dispensaries across the country, this warning has fallen on deaf ears and the Twitter community flocked to Lee’s tweet to let the anchor, the police and worried parents know that it is extremely unlikely anybody will be simply giving away edibles to unsuspecting children on Halloween night. 

Responses varied from pointing out that the wording of the post and the police warning, saying that the candies would be “laced,” is completely wrong due to clear labels on all packaging (ex: the “Medibles” logo on the Cheetos or the “Stoner Patch Kids” label in place of Sour Patch Kids), to not understanding why anybody would want to give away snacks and candies that come at such a high cost. 

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