Tyla Yaweh Shares Powerful Visual To “Hands Up” Ft. Morray


The protests that we saw sweep through 2020 may be over, but Tyla Yaweh and Morray revisit those tense moments in their latest visual. The pair of artists surfaced on Friday (October 8) with a new collaboration, “Hands Up,” and the crooning rappers decided to share a powerful message in the music video for the single.

Tyla is preparing for the release of his anticipated sophomore studio album Rager Boy, and “Hands Up” is rumored to be slated to make an appearance on the tracklist. In the visual, we find an irate community facing off against police, eventually colliding in a fiery, violent altercation. Scenes are spliced with clips of Tyla and Morray delivering their verses as they are surrounded by protesters who are ready to go up against the authorities, armed with whatever they could get their hands on.

Stream “Hands Up” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

All for, I put the strap in, got my mask in, stuffin’ bags in
Got guns, I put ’em down
I still beat you motherf*cker ass, friend
Don’t get it twisted, my n*gga, I come from the trenches


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